1000 followers are worth about 1000KES (or 10USD). That’s the average price for Instagram followers in 2019. For young creatives spending a little money on followers makes a lot of sense. In return they get bots who won’t buy their prints, go to their concerts or share their content.

Buying followers isn’t the only way to increase your cyber clout. Everyone who has ever tried to grow on socials knows about follow/unfollow, or following all the followers of a bigger account in your niche.

This might eventually get you a lot of followers on Twitter or Instagram, but they won’t care about your content. It just means there’s thousands of people following each other to gain followers.

Unfortunately, your number of followers doesn’t indicate anything other than: your number of followers. Follower numbers can’t predict the level of engagement, or how much anyone cares about your content.

High engagement categories like commenting, viewing, saving and sharing are much more valid engagement indicators. We’re going to focus on them to give creatives a better experience on Lokal.

Number of followers is a broken vanity metric from the early days of social media. As we develop Lokal, we’re taking a close look at how necessary ubiquitous features are. We’re taking a content first approach to creative communities in Lokal. We can’t wait for you to be a part of it.