There are approximately 1.7 billion websites live on the internet right now. This number grows every day because there’s a lot of power in personal branding, if you leverage your website properly.

With a website you have authoritative control over your image. On social media and in the news you’re only “as good as your last cut”. With a website, you get to present your best work, which is incredibly important for creative people.

A website is also where event promoters, art galleries, journalists and Wikipedia editors can easily find out a lot about you. This makes it much easier to understand your work and promote it in different contexts.

From a website creatives can sell official merchandise, link to all their other social platforms, share interviews and get people to join their newsletter. If you own your website you can also get an email address @yourwebsite, just like:

If your brand is growing, you’re looking for control over how your content looks or you just want a beautiful official email address, you definitely need a website.